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Welcome to Jagged Roots!

As do trees, we, as humans, have roots that reach in unexpected, uneven, and jagged directions. Some roots are small while others are large; yet all are important and vital to existence. Jagged Roots tackles the “roots” that make us who we are and explores ways to nourish each and every “root” no matter how seemingly insignificant.

The phrase knowledge is power (or the Latin, “scientia est potentia” or “scientia potestas est“) is often associated with social philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon. It first appeared in print in a work created by Thomas Hobbes in 1688 who was secretary to Bacon when he was younger. A related phrase, wisdom is power (“sapientia est potential), while not as widely used, also falls under this notion of “knowing” being “strength.” Both phrases simply mean that true power comes from knowing and experiencing, not physical strength. This concept is particularly important when dealing with health and wellness. This blog-site is designed to provide the information you need to make informed decisions about the body, mind, and spirit. Namaste y’all!

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