Welcome and thanks for joining me! Jagged Roots is dedicated to the holistic notions, dimensions, and personalization of “wellness.” Finding the perfect balance in life can be a daunting and perilous task. We all have different stories, goals, interests, genetics, biochemistry, politics, and so on. So, how do we achieve this thing called wellness?

This is my first journey into the blogosphere. I have spent many years (24+) teaching and researching the health of individuals, communities, and systems in an academic setting. While I do enjoy the professional aspects of academia, I often wonder how much “good” I do in a general sense. Most of what I read and write targets a very small audience and never actually reaches the public. When I glance back over articles I have written, much of it seems so inaccessible and of little value to the lives of most folks. I believe that wellness, an often misunderstood and misused term, is the single most important part of our daily lives, yet remains the most confusing and subjected to false and misleading information.

Knowledge is Power. Wisdom = Experience,

Dr. MB Kerby

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