According to, the Old English word summertime was used for the first time around 1350-1400; a long, long time ago. To most, the beginning and ending of seasons are cycles of personal change as well. We clean out our closests in the spring and fall; we change our smoke detector batteries when we advance of clocks an hour for Daylight Saving Time – then we do the same when we “fall” back; we make plans for a “new start” at the close of winter; we take leaves from work/vacations in the summer This year, 2020, the astronomical summer officially begins with the solstice, June 20, and ends on the fall/autumnal equinox, September 22. Anyway, June, July, and August mark the months of pure enjoyment for me; I hate cold weather! Maybe it’s because I was born in the middle of summer – a June baby? Maybe it’s because I was born on the west coast – SoCal? Whatever the reason, I am miserable when the temperature falls below 60 degrees. I am at my happiest in the good ole heat and humidity we are famous here in Kentucky.

You know what else we are known for here in the Bluegrass state? Yeah. Bourbon.

I know this is a health, fitness, and clean-eating blog, so you probably find it odd that the first blog I write is about alcohol. Well, it might be but there is something about a nice, cold cocktail on a hot summer day that is good for mental health and healing. I am not advocating that folks should drink excessively but there is something special about having a drink on the deck in the evening before dinner, especially since we have been trapped inside with Covid-19 and the cold winter months. I particularly like to experiment with what I call my “fancy” cocktails these days. I take a lot of care preparing the recipe, finding the right vessel, and the perfect garnish. It’s a process that’s so sacred, you only need or want one.

So, for the summer kickoff cocktail, click here for my Kentucky Buck recipe. It’s a refreshing Kentucky version of a Moscow Mule you can enjoy after a long bike ride, or a sweating run, or a hard day of yard work. Cheers!

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